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Sometime people are confused about the meditation, let us make it simple for everyone to understand…what meditation is … Meditation is the practice of actually being present in the moment… Meditation process is nothing but only a habitual process of trained the mind to focus and redirect thoughts.

When you ignore your thoughts and focus on your senses, only then are you in the present moment. … So being present essentially means to be in touch with your 5 senses (Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste, and Touch). Again, saying this is easy.

The popularity of meditation is increasing as more people discover its many health benefits. Mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and chronic stress are prevalent now a days globally, and are considered serious health conditions alongside heart disease, cancer and asthma. Integrative and holistic mind-body practices such as yoga and mindfulness meditation have become increasingly popular and beneficial as well when it comes to psychological and physical health issues. In fact, yoga and meditation are considered stress reduction techniques that can influence how we relate to mental and physical health issues, ultimately leading to less suffering and attachment to life outcomes.

Divine Flame is meant to become a hangout for those hungry for the divinity. this is aimed to be developed in a common place of meditation for everyone and anyone who wants to meditate with peers without being with them physically though. You can join in the communion virtually and feel the aura of joint meditation from where you are. Everyone is welcome!

It had expressed centuries ago, which we experience every day and night. “The World Is Too Much with Us.” There is a time when you want to break all the shackles and run away alone; into the silence, in search of solace, soothe the self and just float in the oblivion as light as air… no question, no answer, no reason, no explanation, no thought, no one, nothing.. Just let yourself lost in the blank!!!

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Our Values

Spirituality and practice are the places where all the world’s faiths and divine paths come together unworldliness. Divine Flame encourage togetherness as the true nature of reality. We believe in the power of nature and focus on natural healing.


Mindfullness spiritual and focus engagement with humanity ALINGING TO THE SOURCE, eternal state of self.


To enhance spiritual and psychic abilities bring a voice to the energy that surrounds us all and harmonize body with the mind and spirit.

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